ICBW Tours

4 hours 
Paradise piont, east-end, mountaintop and a few points across the Island 

2 hour
Paradise piont and mountain top only

Beach tour 2 or 4
driving by and getting close not in the water about 4- 7 beaches you decide how long you want to stay the longer you say the less beaches you see

Megan’s bay drop off and pick up you stay as long as you want possibility of see Megan’s beach from mountain top for 1 hour 

Museum tour 2 hours 
French town museum  history of French descendants and fort christian (built in 1671)

Museum tour 4 hours
Frenchtown, fort christian and pirates museum

Food tour $150
2 hours
Stopping by food trucks and small restaurants to sample pates Johnny cakes plantains and various soups, conch welks (when available)

Hotel tour 2 
Visit the hotels on islands to see which one you want to stay with on you next trip!  Please have a list of items a hotel must have so driver does not take you to a hotel that will waist your time

Shopping tour 2 
Visit Main Street WICO and mountaintop or Main Street and crown bay and mountaintop!

You decide 2 or 4
If you do your own research of st Thomas and want to visit various sites we will go.  Please be advise the driver will make suggestions on the pro and cons of the site you choose

School tour 2 hours
Visit the public and private school of the island 

Church tour 2 or 4
Visit the various churches on the island some from out side some from outside and inside.