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Have you ever dreamt of going on vacation with your family to the beautiful Caribbean, but because of limited mobility you did not want to restrict those accompanying you from engaging in the plethora of fun activities that may be offered here in the United States Virgin Islands?

Or if you are a local resident, can you imagine having a doctor’s appointment and your family is too busy with prior obligations to assist you in getting to your appointment?  Or even worst,  you have independence and your wheelchair’s motor stops working and now you need to rent a motorized wheelchair to get around?

If you have a positive spirit and are thinking that on days like these that “it could be worse,” I must agree, yes, it could be worst! But it doesn’t have to be. It Could Be Worst (ICBW) is a mobile transportation company dedicated to ensure your day gets better. ICBW is geared towards alleviating hardship to both already-stressed individual and family members by providing services to those who may be physically challenged and unable to get around without added assistance.

It Could Be Worse “ICBW” is an organization formed to provide equal accessibly within the United States Virgin Islands via addressing the transportation needs for disabled tourists, other individuals visiting our Islands, and local residents. Our goal is to create warm and positive experiences so that visitors and residents alike can truly enjoy shopping, visiting local restaurants, or just maneuvering through our downtown shopping facilities, Tutu Park Mall, Haven Sight, Crown Bay, or Red Hook. Our services can assist individuals at work, getting to and from doctor’s visits, assisting with drop offs or pick ups at pharmacies, procuring laboratory work, securing medical assistance if injured, or assisting those who are just in need of a ride to get around the island.

ICBW is elated that we have the capacity to provide and assist both visitors and residents that may be temporarily or permanently physically challenged with the opportunity to experience our island paradise.

We have motorized and standard wheelchairs as well as four-wheel scooters available for rent which can be brought to, or picked up from your location.  Our vehicles can transport two wheelchairs at any given time and caregivers can also be transported with their patients to give them or you that added level of comfort.